ArmEcoTour travel agency draws travelers’ attention to a new destination called ARMENIA! We invite inquisitive, lively people to Travel to Armenia, to one of the most exciting countries in this world. Various tours have been created to offer a more independent experience than you might expect from travelling in a group for those who love solo-travelling, but also for those who want to explore in their own time, using the local bus or trying a new tavern every night. As with most things, the more you know about Armenia, the more interesting it becomes for you each time you explore it. Here in our staff you’ll find people, who really understand their subject and your interest, could make a passion interest into a lifelong passion- or at least, open your eyes to see the beauties of our country and its history in a new light. So Travel to Armenia is by its nature adventurous, and by taking a holiday with a party of other people, that adventure can seem compromised. To some people travelling in any kind of a group is like being a captive of their holiday and other peoples’ decisions. We want to escape this. Thus, ArmEco Holiday tours were invented so that you could have the best of both worlds – an expert tour-operator on hand to inspire, inform and advise you and the rest of your holiday arrangements made on your behalf – but the freedom and independence to spend time as you wish to spend it. This might mean opting in and out of site visits, or taking advantage of local buses and trains to explore on your own sometimes. It might mean staying behind at a site and sketching and finding your own way back. As with any of ArmEco tours, the Holiday in Armenia is structured as a travelling narrative, building day by day, rather than a series of isolated site visits. During your Travel to Armenia, our customers will be well-informed of the full story of our country. Our guides can tell you about the latest research, new finds and most up-to-date theories – and how they relate to what you are looking at. People travel with ArmEcotour travel company with their families and teenage children who join them during the school holidays and we are delighted that a love of our ancient country can span the age gap in this way. ArmEcoTour is attracting a new audience, and we think that people who were unsure what Travel to Armenia was all about, are now taking the plunge, and joining our holidays. We are always there to organize the on-site (and in-bar) discussions that are some of the best bits of the tour, and everyone’s opinions throw up new ideas. We hope you will join us this year and open the doors to a lifelong interest which you can follow almost anywhere in the world – even in your own back garden.
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Mount Aragats Region: Aragatsotn Mount Aragats, at 4090 m, is the tallest and one of the most beautiful mountains in Armenia, the crown jewel of the Aragatsotn Region. Its name comes from Ara + gah which means the crown of the god Ara. The majestic mountain has been adopted as the spiritual symbol for many Armenian writers and painters. Not far below the summit is the fascinating Stone Lake (Kara Lich), the location of a Cosmic Ray Investigation center founded here in 1943. This spot also doubles as the launching point for hikers who wish to scale the heights of the mountain. Petroglyphs attesting to the presence of ancient wells, and thus of sedentary civilization, have been revealed by archaeological efforts in the area of Aragats. The mountain has 4 peaks located in a 270° arc: North (4,090), West (4,080), East (3,916), and South (3,879). The summit is covered with snow year-round, feeding a stream which flows down to the village of Aragats from between the South and East summits. As it is expected, the views of the Armenian landscape from the heights of Aragats are breathtaking. Shakeh Waterfall Region: Syunik One of the truly inspiring sights of Armenia, the Shaki Waterfall is situated 6 km from the town of Sisian. On the left side of the river Vorotan’s gorge, basalt lava flows have solidified to form a ledge 18 meters high from which the waterfall cascades down, punctuating the captivating view of the gorge and creating one of the most beautiful falls in Armenia. Words alone cannot describe this pristine location, undeveloped and rustic, where the unspoiled beauty and raw power of nature merge for our eyes and ears to behold. Waterfall Cascade on the Lalvar River Region: Lori In the lush forests of northern Armenia, near Alaverdi at the right tributary of the Debet River, flows the glorious Lalvar River. Its streams adorn the eastern slope of Mount Lalvar, at an attitude of about 2000 meters. Over a stretch of 2.5 kilometers, the river drops a kilometer in height, in a natural designed cascade of picturesque waterfalls. Steeply flowing along the gorge, the river cuts into the rocks, with pockets of turbulent current creating waterfalls and rapids where the stream foams as it goes around or flows over the stones. Arzakan Hot Springs From Jump to: navigation, search Arzakan Village, Kotayk Marz The hot mineral springs of Arzakan are less than half an hours drive from Yerevan, and are popular with locals. The fastest way to get there is to go up the Sevan Highway and exit west to Charentsavan. From there head NW to Arzakan. As soon as you pass the Hrazdan your reach a road which means you are in Arzakan village. Continue straight into the village (right takes you to Bjni) and turn left at the dead end over the bridge, then right on your first significant road, and take the left fork before (without crossing) the bridge. You will soon come upon at least one compound where your group can rent out the pool pictured for 5,000 AMD (about $10/hr). Both known locations that can be rented are on the "right" side of the river as you are traveling down this road. The first one (GPS: 40 27.21n x 044 36.27e) is on your right across a small bridge over the river which you can drive your car over. There large blue gates and inside a courtyard in which you can park your cars. There are two pools here, probably about 4 x 6 meters each. The prices are flat, no matter how many people are in your group, and you get the entire pool to yourself. I am not sure if there are places to swim other than this one, but the facilities here were quite nice, and the water was great. Garni Gorge Kotayk Marz Garni Gorge sheer cliffs with ol' Khachig the Niva. If you are making the obligatory visit to Garni and Geghard, you should take the opportunity to visit the Garni Gorge. It is only possible for those who can walk down, or have a car, since buses do not go down to the bottom of the gorge ordinarily. At the bottom you will see some magnificent sheer vertical cliffs, which look manmade. It is nice and green with a stream and an 11th century bridge. From here, if you are in good shape you can take the hike to Havuts Tar, which is a very rewarding trip which very few people know about, and even fewer reach. The Garni Gorge* and Khosrov Reserve entrance by car: Though the Garni Gorge can be entered on foot by taking a steep, rough path from the left side of the temple parking lot, one can also drive. The first of two vehicle entrances to the Garni gorge is reached by taking the paved road to the right about 1 km W of Garni. Continue straight over the bridge, then turn left at the cement wall (straight goes to a mysterious Physics Institute), and left again on the dirt road where the dachas begin. A narrow dirt road, barely passable for street cars, descends into the gorge and E along the river past wonderful rock formations and pleasant picnic places, joining up with the other road from Garni village. Note that beyond the Physics Institute, another road dead-ends at the bottom of the gorge at a small hydropower station. There is a footbridge across the river just upstream, leading to an excellent set of walking trails following the river