ArmEcoTour travel agency draws travelers’ attention to a new destination called ARMENIA! We invite inquisitive, lively people to Travel to Armenia, to one of the most exciting countries in this world. Various tours have been created to offer a more independent experience than you might expect from travelling in a group for those who love solo-travelling, but also for those who want to explore in their own time, using the local bus or trying a new tavern every night. As with most things, the more you know about Armenia, the more interesting it becomes for you each time you explore it. Here in our staff you’ll find people, who really understand their subject and your interest, could make a passion interest into a lifelong passion- or at least, open your eyes to see the beauties of our country and its history in a new light. So Travel to Armenia is by its nature adventurous, and by taking a holiday with a party of other people, that adventure can seem compromised. To some people travelling in any kind of a group is like being a captive of their holiday and other peoples’ decisions. We want to escape this. Thus, ArmEco Holiday tours were invented so that you could have the best of both worlds – an expert tour-operator on hand to inspire, inform and advise you and the rest of your holiday arrangements made on your behalf – but the freedom and independence to spend time as you wish to spend it. This might mean opting in and out of site visits, or taking advantage of local buses and trains to explore on your own sometimes. It might mean staying behind at a site and sketching and finding your own way back. As with any of ArmEco tours, the Holiday in Armenia is structured as a travelling narrative, building day by day, rather than a series of isolated site visits. During your Travel to Armenia, our customers will be well-informed of the full story of our country. Our guides can tell you about the latest research, new finds and most up-to-date theories – and how they relate to what you are looking at. People travel with ArmEcotour travel company with their families and teenage children who join them during the school holidays and we are delighted that a love of our ancient country can span the age gap in this way. ArmEcoTour is attracting a new audience, and we think that people who were unsure what Travel to Armenia was all about, are now taking the plunge, and joining our holidays. We are always there to organize the on-site (and in-bar) discussions that are some of the best bits of the tour, and everyone’s opinions throw up new ideas. We hope you will join us this year and open the doors to a lifelong interest which you can follow almost anywhere in the world – even in your own back garden.
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If you want to have an extraordinary feeling of experiencing something new, spend your holiday in Armenia. ArmEcoTour travel company provides the opportunity to see the best examples of Armenian culture from a time when Armenian Kingdom was at its most vigorous, with a physically and socially mobile population expressing wealth and status in an astonishing variety of ways.

If you have decided to spend your holiday in Armenia, to get acquainted with local hospitable Armenians, with their everyday life or just be aware of the history Armenian people have created so long, we are always there to help you. Armenia gives a wide opportunity to those who prefer a live, adventurous recreation full of striking impressions, while others tend to spend their spare time in harmony with Nature or just to study Armenian civilization growth and development, where the roots of classical art, architecture and literature still lie. 

ArmEcoTour travel company always tries to surpass its abilities to meet the most capricious client’s needs giving an opportunity to spend his holiday in Armenia very effectively and pleasantly. Armenia has got a very old history and culture. It has lost and found its statehood hundreds of times, and now it still remains very young with its developed and unique lifestyle and extremely hospitable Armenians.

For those who love cultural and food preparation events, we offer a round year range of classical music, cinema and other kind of festivals, where our most precious guests can enjoy incomparable and virtuosic performances of both foreign and Armenian artists. During the Tours to Armenia the cultural acquaintances can be pleasantly accompanied by food festivals among which Dolma, Wine and Barbeque festivals are most popular with both the locals and foreigners, as Armenian cuisine is a representative of the Mediterranean and the Caucasus cuisines, with strong influences from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, from the Balkans.


"Who didn't take pleasure in the Armenian brandy, he wasn't implicated in the harmony of the most palatable and substantial drink. Armenia, which, in my option, is an open-air museum, is unique and exceptional country also with its wines and brandies."

These are the words of famous American painter, fiction writer Rockwell Kent.


Holiday in Armenia always implies the idea that your recreation should be simultaneously combined with cultural walking tours to Yerevan Historical sites, monuments, cultural institutions. The Mashtots Matenadaran is a must place to visit. Here about 17.000 ancient manuscripts have found their place after having carried the impact of the tragic events of Armenian history.

We invite you to discover Armenia in its new side. Alongside with classical tours, we operate hiking and trekking in Armenia on the ways where Armenian Kings and Queens passed once and where bloody battles took place and where other historical events give echoes of their glorious past.